Join a Committee

If you’d like to become more involved with SDIPN, consider participating in one of our committees. You may sign up for as many as you like (just don’t overextend yourself).

To qualify for committee membership, you must agree to become an active member: attend a minimum of two meetings (including conference calls) or SDIPN sponsored events, and agree with our Points of Unity.

Each committee of 3 or more members is responsible for organizing itself, with the requirement that a Chair must be elected. Committee chairs serve as members of the Steering Committee. If a committee consists of less than 3 members, those members will serve on the SC until such time as new committee members join.

Please provide at least one method of contact:

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The Action Committee organizes direct actions, rallies and other public events.

Catherine Skopic, John Reynolds, Acting Co-chairs
The Education/Research/Facts Committee is tasked with developing fact sheets, papers, and educational materials for legislators and the public. The committee is also responsible for making sure any information we provide is up-to-date and accurate.

Paul Corell, Chair
The Finance Committee has oversight on expenditures and is responsible for creating an annual budget that is submitted to our fiscal sponsor.

The Fund Raising Committee is responsible for finding ways to rise money for proposed projects. The committee works in conjunction with the Finance Committee and Treasurer.

Carl Lundgren, Acting Chair
The Graphic Design Committee creates the “look” of SDIPN, from designing flyers, forms, banners, etc., to maintaining a consistent style across our website and social media accounts.

Catherine Skopic, Chair
The Legislative Committee is tasked with reviewing pending legislation and in developing proposals to submit to legislators. The committee works with other related affinity groups and maintains relationships with legislators.

David Grossman, Billy Thomas, Acting Co-chairs
The Media Committee is tasked with publishing media and press releases, developing working relationships with the press, and issuing statements and other correspondence on behalf of SDIPN.

Carl Lundgren, Acting Chair
The Membership Committee is responsible for maintaining a membership database and administering the various SDIPN email groups.

Bozena Grossman, Matt Bralow, Acting Co-chairs
The Outreach Committee establishes connections with other affinity groups, organizations and individuals with whom we would like to work. The committee works closely with the Legislative Committee.

Carl LundgrenMatt Bralow, Acting Co-chairs
The Web/Social Media Committee is responsible for maintaining and updating the SDIPN website, and Facebook and Twitter accounts.