NYC Council Resolution Call to Action

NYC Council Resolution No. 0694-2015 — calling upon the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission to reject the relicensing of Indian Point 2 and Indian Point 3, so that those reactors will cease operations — was introduced into the New York City Council on May 14, 2015. (click here to see resolution text) Now we need to contact our respective City Council Members and ask them to sign on as co-sponsors in order to build the support necessary for the resolution to pass.We’re asking our members, supporters, friends and neighbors to assist us in this effort. Here are the steps to take:

  1. Find your Council Member on the chart below and check to see if s/he is already a co-sponsor.
  2. If yes, call or email and thank them.
  3. If not, the easiest step to take is to just contact your CM by phone or email, tell them you support Res. 0694, and urge them to co-sponsor. A link for City Council Member contact info can be found on the chart. You might also want to arrange to meet with your CM at their office to speak with them in person about the resolution. Consider making the visit with a friend or two. All CMs should have received an information packet. You can ask your CM if they have.
  4. To help us track our progress, coordinate our efforts, and determine what follow up may be necessary,  we ask that you fill out and submit the form below. Please submit the form for your initial contact and any follow up action. Your information will not appear on the site.

 Council Members who have signed on as Co-sponsors
Call to thank them

CD31 Queens
Donovan Richards*
Lead Sponsor
CD33 Brooklyn
Stephen Levin*
CD6 Manhattan
Helen Rosenthal*
CD3 Manhattan
Corey Johnson*
CD39 Brooklyn
Brad Lander
CD2 Manhattan
Rosie Mendez*
Deborah Rose*
CD5 Manhattan
Ben Kallos*
CD7 Manhattan
Mark Levine*
CD47 Brooklyn
Mark Treyger*
CD25 Queens
Daniel Dromm
CD11 Bronx
Andrew Cohen*
CD22 Queens
Costa Constantinides
CD1 Manhattan
Margaret Chin*
CD4 Manhattan
Daniel Garodnick*
CD12 Bronx
Andy King
CD34 Brooklyn
Antonio Reynoso*
 CD10 Manhattan
Ydanis Rodriguez

 Council Members who have not yet signed on as Co-sponsors
Call or visit and urge them to co-sponsor

New York City Council Contact Information

CD8 Manhattan/Bronx
Melissa Mark-Viverito
CD9 Manhattan
Inez Dickens
CD13 Bronx
James Vacca
CD14 Bronx
Fernando Cabrera
CD15 Bronx
Ritchie Torres

(was signed on but retracted)
CD16 Bronx
Vanessa Gibson
CD17 Bronx
Rafael Salamanca***
CD18 Bronx
Annabel Palma
CD19 Queens
Paul Vallone
CD20 Queens
Peter Koo
CD21 Queens
Julissa Ferreras**
CD23 Queens Barry Grodenchik*** CD24 Queens
Rory Lancman
CD26 Queens
Jimmy Van Bramer
CD27 Queens
Daneek Miller
CD28 Queens
Ruben Wills
CD29 Queens
Karen Koslowitz

(was signed on but retracted)
CD30 Queens
Elizabeth Crowley
CD32 Queens
Eric Ulrich**
CD35 Brooklyn
Laurie Cumbo**
CD36 Brooklyn
Robert Cornegy**
CD37 Brooklyn
Rafael Espinal
CD38 Brooklyn
Carlos Menchaca**
CD40 Brooklyn
Mathieu Eugene
CD41 Brooklyn
Darlene Mealy**
CD42 Brooklyn
Inez Barron
CD43 Brooklyn
Vincent Gentile
CD44 Brooklyn
David Greenfield
CD45 Brooklyn
Jumaane Williams
CD46 Brooklyn
Alan Maisel
CD48 Brooklyn
Chaim Deutsch
 CD50 SI
Steven Matteo
 CD51 SI
Joe Borelli***
On Sept. 22, 2015, an amicus brief was filed in the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit by former NY State Assembly Richard Brodsky (AD92) calling for the closure of Indian Point. 19 NYC Council Members provided a statement included in the text of the brief in support of the brief.
** These Council Members, who are co-sponsors of  Res. 0694, support the amicus brief.  
**These Council Members, who are not co-sponsors of  Res. 0694, also support the amicus brief. We believe special attention should be paid to them, urging them to co-sponsor Res. 0694 as well. 
***These Council Members are new to the City Council and need to be brought up to speed about Res. 0694.

Tracking Form

Instructions: Fill in the following information (all information is required unless otherwise noted):

  1. Your name and address.
  2. Your email or phone number (optional).
  3. The name and district number of your Council Member.
  4. The date you contacted their office.
  5. How you made contact. Check the box(es) that apply.
  6. The name and title of the person with whom you spoke or replied to you.
  7. A brief summary of your conversation or correspondence with that person.
  8. The results you obtained. Check the box(es) that apply.
  9. Any other information, observations or comments you want to add (optional).
  10. When you’re finished, click the “Submit” button.

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Council Member Information

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