SDIPN Points of Unity

The SDIPN Points of Unity are an affirmation of the positions and goals that all our members can agree upon. They’re what unify us as an organization.

In order to become a voting member of SDIPN and to be eligible to serve on our committees, in addition to attending two SDIPN meetings or events each year, we ask that you agree with our Points of Unity by filling out the form and checking the box below.

  1. Nuclear power cannot be considered a transitional bridge to renewables.
  2. In light of the nuclear disasters which have occurred at Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima, nuclear power facilities must be seen as ticking time bombs that pose a threat to the health and safety of all living things, not only to the immediate environs near the facilities but to the entire planet.
  3. We are in favor of divestment from fossil fuels, which must include divestment from nuclear power as well.
  4. While our immediate goal is the closure and decommissioning of the remaining two reactors at Indian Point, we support and encourage those groups and organizations locally and worldwide that are also working toward the end of closing current nuclear facilities and preventing the construction of new facilities.
  5. Nuclear facilities must be understood and seen in the context of the overall nuclear industry which includes commercial and private reactors, nuclear weapons, depleted uranium production, uranium mining, disposal of nuclear waste and byproducts (including medical waste), food irradiation, and the exploitation of workers in the nuclear industry, and the indigenous peoples, whose lands  and families have been disproportionately and adversely affected and compromised.