Dec. 20, 2011

Minutes of the Steering Committee


Present on call: Jack Baldwin, Olive Freud, Evan Giller, David Grossman, John Reynolds, Peter Rugh, Tom Siracuse, Alice Slater

Apologies: Matt Bralow, Carl Lundgren, Chris Williams

(1)   NY State Assembly Hearing on Closing of Indian Point: Rescheduled Hearing Date:1/12/2012 BACKGROUND: This public hearing has been called jointly by two committees of the NY State Assembly is for the purpose of receiving oral testimony from invited experts only, and is narrowly focused on the subject of identifying sources of replacement power subsequent to the closing of the Indian Point nuclear power plant.  The public is able to attend, but there is no provision for public comment, as for example occurs at certain NRC hearings.  Members of the public are, however, invited to submit written testimony in advance of the hearing, and to bring ten (10) copies to the hearing.


(a)   Alice Slater has composed a letter to the chairpersons of the committees that are conducting the January 12, 2012 hearing in which we propose inviting additional experts who could offer good solutions for replacement power involving renewable energy rather than fossil fuels.  Alice Slater has already posted the letter on our listserv’s, and will re-send it to us, as well, for review.  Before sending out the letter, however, Alice S. proposed that we identify five (5) experts who could testify and offer good solutions on replacement energy.  There was no objection toAlice’s proposal.


(i) Olive Freud has volunteered to follow up with solar power expert, Dr. Richard Perez, and find out his availability to testify; we also need to vet Dr. Perez’s testimony to determine if it will actually bolster our case for shutting down Indian Point sooner rather than later, and replacing its power with renewables;

(ii) We still need to identify four (4) other experts who could be invited to testify in our cause, besides Dr. Perez; and, provided they are available, convey their names to Alice S for inclusion in the letter (RESPONSIBLE: ALL)

(b)   Public Comment.

ACTION REQUIRED: Without objection, it was agreed that we should continue to demand that the public be permitted to comment.  We can make a case that not just the public’s ears but our voices and brains are required as part of the democratic process of deciding on the closing of Indian Point, even if the hearing is narrowly focused on technical issues; without objection, it was agreed that we should all contact our assembly members to demand that the public be allowed to speak, and to find out how we can best lobby for that result; and, furthermore, to demand that our Assembly Members support us in this endeavor; (RESPONSIBLE: ALL)


Motion to do mic check during hearing.

Supplementary motion as to timing of mic check, either during Entergy’s testimony, or immediately subsequent to their testimony.  There was some concern expressed that we should not take any action that would disrupt the testimony of Synapse, since their testimony would most likely bolster our case;

Vote: Yes (2); No (2); Abstain (3).  Motion(s) failed.

Agreed by consensus: To bring proposal for mic check and/or die-in action during hearing to OWS Enviro Solidarity meeting of Jan2, 2012.

(c)    Hold Press Conference and Rally Before Hearing                                                  Point person: Jack B. will coordinate press conference and press release

(d)   Sign-making.  We should make and distribute signs that can be held up during meeting when egregious misrepresentations are being made by industry apologists; ACTION REQUIRED: We have artists within our group, and we should put a call for artists on our lists; also, we can attempt to involve the OWS Art and Culture WG; (RESPONSIBLE: ALL)

(e)   Mobilize as many people as possible to attend hearing.  ACTION REQUIRED: Put out Save the Date; and Call for people attend hearing; this message should go out on listserv’s, facebook, and website.  Point person: Jack B will draft the message that will go out to activists, and others

(2)   March 11, 2012 Human Chain Against Chain Reactions

Alice S. will take lead to work out ways in which sdipn! Can be involved in this world-wide day of action, and present proposals for the SC to consider and decide.  Once again, we will face the challenge of mobilizing large numbers of activist / participants.

(3)   SDIPN! Letterhead.  We need someone to design the SDIPN! letterhead.

(4)   Dow Jones Letter (point person Jack B.)

(a)    We will follow up with OWS ES WG on January 2, 2012;

(b)   We need to work out the logistics of delivering the letter to the global rep of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index;

(c)    We decided AGAINST including Vermont Yankee in the letter;

(d)   Alice S. will contact Prof. Michio Kaku to ask him to sign on to the letter;