Apr. 6, 2015

Minutes of SDIPN Legislative Committee Conference Call on Apr. 6, 2015

Catherine Skopic, Alice Slater, John Reynolds, Tom Siracuse
A.  Chair.  Catherine was nominated and elected chair of the SDIPN Legislative Committee by acclamation.
B.  City Council resolution to close Indian Point.  Tim Judson and Ann Wilson have given Donovan Richards, chair of the Council’s Environmental Committee all our suggestions for the resolution.  We will  make up a packet to give to our to Council members so  they have info  on why they need to support this resolution.  Cathy will make up a power point brief,  John will make up a one page handout and Tom will re-format  SDIPN’s “Fact Sheet” to include bullet points.  These will also be set out for the membership of SDIPN at general meetings and uploaded to our website
C.  Protest pro-nuclear forum at Columbia University on April 9.  We will send out a notice of how to get to the forum that will be held at the Faculty House,  and urge members of SDIPN and other groups to show up with signs and literature.
D.  Protest the plan to build a liquefied gas terminal at Port Ambrose off the South Shore of Long Island.  John will set up a meeting with the speaker of the NYS Assemby, Carl Heastie.
E.  Mother Earth Day-April 22nd.  This day has largely been commercialized but SDIPN can set up its own table or distribute literature pushing for non fossil fuels and non nuclear energy as it had done in past years.    Tom will contact Tony Gronowicz about getting groups calling for divestment in fossil fuel companies to include nuclear energy.  Tom is writing an article for a newsletter put out by the Retiree Advocate, an independent caucus in the United Federation of Teachers calling for the closing of IP and divestment from nuclear power companies,
Tom Siracuse – notetaker