Oct. 18, 2011

The SDIPN! Finance Committee held a conference call on Tuesday evening, Oct 18, 2011.
The following recommendations are hereby made to the SDIPN! steering committee:
(1) The committe voted to recommend to confirm the decision to retain the donations received at our tabling
at the Oct 1 Hudson River pier event;
(2a) How to deal with prospective large donations.
We should begin to list, and price, budget items for future expenditures, such as print ads, radio and TV ads, Yes Men lab,
tee-shirts, and buttons, and so forth.  We should also familiarize ourselves with the mechanics of opening a business
bank account, and of working through a fiscal agent in lieu of getting 501 (c) (3) status;
(2b) People who have laid out money for SDIPN! should be encouraged to get reimbursed by the treasurer as long as we have funds;
Financial controls going forward should include allowing people to get reimbursed for out of pocket expenses for photocopying and the
like when they present receipts up to $50.  Expenditures above the $50 threshhold should require prior approval by the treasurer, or by the
steering committee, depending on the quantity of money involved.
(3) Tee-shirts.  John R will explore design, sourcing, and pricing.
(4) Fundraising.  We need to follow up on tabling at upcoming CSN concerts, and money promised to us by promoter (thru IPSEC).
==John Reynolds
Note-taker (for the Finance Committee, David Grossman, Chair; Olive Freud, Treasurer)