Mar. 18, 2015

The Finance Committee of SDIPN held a conference call on Wednesday, March 18, 2015. On the call were committee members Paul Corell, Carl Lundgren, John Reynolds, and ex officio member Ann Eagan, SDIPN Treasurer.

The following business took place:

  • Election of committee chair: As this was the first meeting of the newly re-constituted committee, an election was held for committee chair. Paul Corell was elected by acclamation.
  • Finding a fiscal sponsor for SDIPN: John explained what a fiscal sponsor does and how, by having a fiscal sponsor, we will be considered the equivalent of a 501C3 not-for-profit organization. He also informed us of items we will most likely need to submit in addition to a budget, which might include a list of activities for the preceding 12 months, proposed future activities, possible mission, vision and values statements, as well as organizing documents. Carl volunteered to draft the M/V/V statements.  Paul will contact the A. J. Muste Memorial Institute to inquire as to what they will require of us for them to become our fiscal sponsor. John reminded us that money we received from the Guacamole Fund from the Crosby, Stills and Nash concert in 2012 was still in our bank account and, that under the agreement we made with the fund, we are obliged to obtain a fiscal sponsor before disbursing any of that money.
  • Working up a budget for 2015: The committee members will be working together to draw up a budget for this year, including suggestions for activities, events and materials which we might want to consider. Some ideas thatwere suggested were:
    • preparing informational packets for elected officials and for the public;
    • designing a slide show presentation;
    • creating a fund for travel expenses for invited visitors and speakers;
    • hosting and organizing fairs, and street events at which we would table;
    • developing a brochure.

These recommendations will be presented at the next general meeting to be discussed and approved by the membership.

We proposed April 3rd for our next conference call, details to be worked out.

Carl Lundgren – Note Taker