May 5, 2011


ATTENDEES:  Evan Giller, John Reynolds, Donna Stein, Alisha Ritt, John Baldwin, Tom Siracuse


A.  Ongoing actions.  We discussed having a table on a regular basis at parks such as Union Square and Central Park’s ticket line for the Public Theater in the summer.  The Action Committee would have to coordinate this.  It is important to have a petition so that we can build our membership as well as sending the petition to our elected representatives.  We will also need to have other materials and literature.

B .  New Actions.
1) We discussed a march between the offices of Senators Gillibrand and Schumer and the office of Gov. Cuomo.  We should be ready to have press conferences and smaller rallies as news items come up that the press is already covering such as the recent 10th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster.  That means the ability to respond on short notice.
2)  John Baldwin brought up the idea of a letter signed by distinguished experts and press conference to tell Dow Jones to take Entergy off the Dow’s “sustainability index” which is supposed to list companies that do not harm the environment.  We also discussed a divestment campaign towards institutions such as pension funds, unions,  colleges, foundations, etc.

C.  Upcoming events.
1) May 8, 1-2 PM (rain date May 15).  “Mothers and Others United to Shut Down Indian Point” will have a human chain demo on Route 299 at New Paltz.
2) May 10.  The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) will tour Indian Point with Congresspersons Elliot Engel and Nita Lowey both of whom expressed opposition to the relicensing of Indian Pt.
3) May 10.  From 7 Pm, Blue Water Event at Pier 66-Maritime at 26th Street & the Westside Drive will celebrate the life of recently deceased John Krevey who has done much to improve the quality of the Hudson.
4) May 12.  There will be at teach-in at 7:30 PM sponsored by the Croton Down Indian Point” at the Croton Free Library, 171 Cleveland Drive, Croton-on-Hudson.
5)  June 2.  The NRC will hold a public hearing at 6:30 PM on Indian Point at Cortlandt Manor, Colonial Terrace, 119 Oregon Road.   We discussed a table and a demo includig nstreet theater.  Contact Marilyn Elie  how to get there.
6)  June 18-19.  The Annual Hudson River Sloop/Clearwater Festival , Croton, NY.  Perhaps we can get a booth.  Donna Stein said that she would talk to Marilyn Elie about this.
7)  August 28.  12-noon – 6 PM.  NYC Friends of Clearwater Third Annual Water Festival.  -Various groups concerned with clean water, hydrofracking for gas  and shutting down Indian Point will  be represented .  This event will also celebrate the life of John Krevey.

D.  Promotional and fundraising ideas
1)  Donna suggested as a fundraiser that we rent then Clearwater sloop.   Contributions could range from $50 and up.
2)  We also discussed getting buttons, bags, etc. to promote SDIPN.
3)  We discussed getting a short catchy logo for our group.  “ShutDownIndianPoint Now” or SDIPN don’t seem to be effective.

Tom Siracuse
Note taker