May 18, 2011


Present: Tom Siracuse, Ken Gale, Bill Steyert, Peter Rugh, Narayana Angulo, John Baldwin, Ann Eagan, John Reynolds

Set date for next General Meeting May 26th, 7:00 pm, venue (hopefully) Senior Center, 241 West 72 St.

Reviewed notes from Steering Cmte conference call, May 16,

Plans for June 2nd NRC hearing up in Cortlandt Manor. Decision as to bringing signs into hearing up to each individual, possible arrests. Marilyn Elie will be contacted to find out details of IPSEC press conference, which we will join, . Peter will call Greenpeace and Riverkeeper to see which bus would get folks up there earlier. Dom DeBar will be contacted to do video at hearing.

Those going up will coordination the “taboo” subject matter to put on the signs.

Testimony for hearing will be discussed at general meeting 5/26.

Short discussion on Bill’s plan up at plant during Spring and Summer. More on this at next meeting.

Group approved plan for Ken Gale to speak in Sunnyside re IP on June 23rd.

Petition was reviewed and will be sent to Alice Slater and Chris Williams for review and then presented at general meeting.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:30 pm Date not yet set for next meeting.1118