May 30, 2013

SDIPN met at my place, 244 West 74th Street, Thursday, May 30 at 7:30  to 9:00 PM. – Those present were:  Jack Baldwin, who chaired the meeting, Tom Siracuse-note taker, Paul Corell-timekeeper, Alfred Meyer, Alice Slater, Evan Giller, Olive Freud, Diane Beeny, John Reynolds, and Bob Alpern.
1.  NYC Council Resolution to shut down Indian Point.   We should contact speaker Quinn (who said at a recent candidate forum that she’s for shutting down IP),  Councilman Gennaro (chair of the Council’s environmental committee and others on the council to introduce and support this resolution.   Bob Alpern said that we should bring this resolution up at the mayoral candidates forums.   Alice Slater, who has initiated the resolution will send it to the SDIPN steering committee for review and then it will be put on our website.
2. (AGREE).  Alice briefly informed us of this new group and that we should provide a link to them on our SDIPN website.
3.  Jacobson Report on Clean Energy- The U.S. can get its energy from sustainable, clean sources (solar, wind, wave, geothermal) by 2013.  Alice in formed us of a study by Jacobson in the Scientific American in 2009  that the U.S can get its energy from sustainable, clean sources (solar, wind, wave, geothermal) by 2030.  Another Jacobson study published this year showed how NY State can get its residential, industrial, transportation  and heating and cooling energy needs, and reduce our power output without increasing energy costs and eliminate most our carbon emissions by converting to clean,  sustainable energy.
4.  SDIPN events and actions.  We should give John Reynolds a list of environmental groups so that SDIPN and other groups can organize a mayoral candidates forum on clean energy.    We should ask friendly groups that already have tables at the Left Forum to include SDIPN’s literature.  We will need copies of the City Council resolution.
5.  Treasurer’ report. Olive Freud and John Reynolds are our “co-treasurers”.  Olive has $100 in petty cash.  SDIPN account at Amalgamated Bank has $2,640.  Gary Mull donated several paintings by Peter Max to several anti-nuclear groups including SDIPN.  Chris Williams is holding our painting that has to be sold or auctioned.  (Evan Giller has since contacted Chris who said he gave the painting to Marilyn Ellie (IPSEC) for safekeeping)
6.  SDIPN’s future.  Should we expand our mission to an anti-nuclear group or an anti-fossil fuel group?  It was agreed that we should remained focused on shutting down IP.  If this is accomplished, this would be a big step in closing down other nuclear power plants.  Nevertheless, we should include our anti-fossil fuel stand in our literature and participation with groups opposing fracking, tar sands, etc.
7.  Ecosocialist movement.  John Reynolds pointed out our endorsement of the Ecosocialist Statement and participation  in its contingent at the climate change demo in Washington  on Feb 17 and the Ecosocialist Conference at Barnard College on April 20.   SDIPN should continue to be in this coalition that is stressing “system change not climate change” .  The movement has expanded to California .
Tom Siracuse