Feb. 25, 2015


Time and date: 7:00 pm, Thursday, Feb 25, 2015

Place: Goddard-Riverside Center, 88th Street and Columbus Avenue

Attendees: Barry Aviv, M. Bianchi (SP?), Matthew Borenstein, Paul Corell, Parvati Deva, Ann Eagan, Ken Gale, Evan Giller, Tony Gronowicz, Carl Lundgren, Aris Mavropoulos, Manny Menendez, Marty Ranjandran, John Raymond, John Reynolds, Tom Siracuse, Catherine Skopic, Florindo Troncelliti

Tom Siracuse, the outgoing Chair, opened the meeting with some introductory remarks concerning the history and mission of SDIPN!

Three persons’ names (see below) had already previously been placed in nomination for the three officers positions (see below).

As all for additional nominations being made, and no additional persons being nominated; a motion was duly made, seconded, and unanimously adopted to close nominations.

Furthermore, the election of officers now having become uncontested, the following persons were elected  by acclamation to the Offices indicated opposite their names, as follows:

Carl Lundgren, Chair

John H. Reynolds, Secretary

Ann Eagan, Secretary

A call was made for volunteers for the several standing committees, and the attendees were urged to add their names on the various sign-up sheets for that purpose.

Tom Siracuse then offered further remarks concerning the mission of SDIPN! and the imperative of rapidly phasing out nuclear power plants not only at Indian Point, but everywhere.

A motion was made and adopted as follows: To adopt the Bylaws as submitted with the following modifications, and provisions:

==> That the paragraph in Sec 3[f] be stricken, with the intention that alternative language will be developed and reported back by the ad-hoc Committee on Bylaws (see below);

==> That in the Section 2 enumeration of renewable energy sources, the words “hydro–no big dams”, with the intention hat alternative language will be developed and reported back by the ad-hoc Committee on Bylaws (see below);

==> That the typographical error at the foot of page 2 be corrected, to read, “Article II, Sec 2”;

An ad-hoc Committee on Bylaws was formed, to which Carl Lundgren, John Reynolds, Tom Siracuse, and Catherine Skopic were appointed. The members will hold a conference call in the next few days.

Catherine Skopic gave a report concerning the status of the City Council Resolution on rapidly closing Indian Point.
Catherine S. reported that the final proposed revisions have been submitted to CM Richards committee by the newly formed coalition; we are now awaiting the final version to come out of the Council’s resolution drafting body.

The following two items were endorsed:

==> The April 28 action on nuclear disarmament; and

==> A letter to Governors Christie and Cuomo urging against approval of the Port Ambrose LNG facility

 The following events were announced:

Fri, Feb 27, 10 am, Site Sourced / City Council Hearing, CCNY; RSVP required;

March 8, Peekskill Event with Indigenous Uranium Miners from Southwest, and Report-back  on latest developments from Fukushima

March 10, Event in NYC at Goddard Riverside: Same line-up as Peekskill Event

The meeting was adjourned.

Submitted by:

==John H. Reynolds