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SDIPN 2019 Mid-Year Meeting

The next SDIPN Mid-Year Membership & Business meeting will take place Sunday, June 9th from 4—6 pm in the Otello room at Yeoryia Studios, in the Epic Security Bldg., 2067 Broadway,5th Floor Between 71st & 72nd Streets, New York, NY 10023.

Take the #1, 2 or 3 subway,  or the M104 bus to 72nd Street. The building is directly across the street from the subway station on the West side of Bway.

The agenda will include:

► Reports and updates
► Work on initiating our new dues structure
► Reactivating and staffing our standing committees
► Support and promotion of the NY State OFF (Off Fossil Fuels) bill, including lobbying
► Discussion and planning of other activities for the rest of the year

The meeting is open to the public and we welcome your participation.



WBAI Interviews SDIPN

Just before the start of the SDIPN General Meeting on Jan. 3rd,  Linda Perry-Barr of WBAI interviewed SDIPN members Tony Gronowicz, Catherine Skopic and John Reynolds for the Morning Show. Click on image below to listen:

morning show


SDIPN General Membership Meeting

The next SDIPN general membership & business meeting will take place Sunday, Jan. 3rd from 3—5 pm  at St Paul & Andrew Methodist Church parish house, 263 West 86th Street, just east of West End Avenue. Continue reading

SDIPN Elections / Bylaws Report

Elections for a new term of SDIPN officers was held at a general membership meeting last evening, Feb. 25, 2015, at the Goddard-Riverside Community Center. Following a call for additional candidates – there were none – The uncontested slate for Chair, Secretary and Treasurer was elected by consensus  after a motion to do so was introduced, seconded, and with no objections heard. The officers for the new term are:

  • Carl Lundgren – Chair
  • John Reynolds – Secretary
  • Ann Eagan – Treasurer

Also at the meeting, bylaws were adopted for the first time since the group was formed in 2011. After  a discussion period, the group voted to strike certain items form the draft, and to include some revised language, corrections, and made suggestions for new inclusions. The bylaws were adopted by consensus, and an ad hoc committee was formed to work out the revisions that were agreed upon. They’ll be voted upon at a subsequent meeting.

SDIPN General Meeting – Feb. 25, 2015

There will be an important general meeting, Wednesday, Feb 25 from 7-9 PM at the Goddard-Riverside Center on the NE corner of Columbus Ave. and W. 88th Street. Take the 1, C or B subway to West 86th St. or the M104, M7, M10 or M11 bus to West 88th Street or the M86 bus to Columbus Ave.

The agenda will include nominations and election of new officers, the adoption of by-laws, an update on the NYC Council Resolution to close Indian Point and upcoming activities.
Tom Siracuse

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Shut Down Indian Point Now! Public Meeting

Shut Down Indian Point Now! will hold a public meeting, Thursday, Feb. 5th at 7 PM at the Rutgers Church on 236 West 73rd Street (just west of Broadway). Take the 1,2,or 3 subways or the 5, 57, 104 buses to W 72nd St.

Featured speaker: Tim Judson, Executive Director of the Nuclear Information & Resource Service.

The 40 year old Indian Point nuclear power facility, located on the Hudson only 25 miles from NYC, has had constant and dangerous operating problems over the years. It is built near an earthquake fault. A report issued by a commission appointed by former Gov. Pataki concluded that there is no way to evacuate the metropolitan area in case of a meltdown. Gov. Cuomo has called for its closure. During the most recent super storm of Jan. 26-27, the Governor banned all civilian traffic in the metropolitan area including shutting down mass transit, tunnels asnd bridges.
In 2012,the NYS Assembly’s Committees on Energy and Corporations concluded that Indian Point can be closed without any interruption in our electrical supply. Gov Cuomo has called for the facilty’s closure but the nuclear power industry had lobbied Congress to prevent any state from closing down nuclear power plants–placing that authority with the pro-industry Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Our meeting’s agenda will include reactivating SDIPN and how can we get this ticking time bomb shut down before it’s too late!
Tom Siracuse
Chair, SDIPN!