SDIPN Annual Meeting Report

The SDIPN Annual Meeting took place at the Church of St. Paul And St. Andrew on West 86th St. this past Saturday, Feb. 27th. An annual business meeting in February was established at our January meeting, along with two other scheduled meetings that will take place in late May and late October.

The main order of business was the election of officers for the 2016 term. Officers are elected to one year terms and may serve three consecutive terms.

Re-elected were Chair, Carl Lundgren and Treasurer, Ann Eagan. John Reynolds, who had served as Secretary, was elected to the new office of Corresponding Secretary. In a vote taken prior to the election, a proposal to divide the office of Secretary into the offices of Corresponding and Recording Secretaries was approved by consensus. No candidate came forward to run for Recording Secretary so John will assume both positions until a candidate can be found.

Other business included:

  • The establishment of Standing Committee level Fund Raising and Graphic Designs Committee.
  • The use of Google Drive to store SDIPN organizing documents and information for access by the Steering Committee, and lists of Committee members  for access by the membership. Both will be password protected.
  • Amendment and ratification of the SDIPN Bylaws submitted by our ad hoc bylaws Committee.  Highlights of these changes included the insertion of a Non-Discrimination Policy ( a requirement of our Fiscal sponsor, the A.J. Muste Memorial Institute) and the adoption of the Jemez Principles for democratic organizing.

Legislative Committee Chair, Catherine Skopic, speaking for the Action Committee, gave reports on a forum on Indian Point presented by Peace Action of Staten Island to which she and Alfred Meyer of Physicians for Social Responsibility were invited to speak, and the February 19th rally at the office of Sen. Schumer to demand an independent investigation into the leaks of Tritium laced water into the local aquifer and discharge into the Hudson River.

Another rally on the issue, to take place at City Hall, is scheduled for Thursday, March 3rd, beginning at noon (see the website for more information).

Upcoming actions include a forum entitled “Just Transition: the Energy Sector,” which will take place at the Riverside-Goddard Community Center on April 23rd, and a campaign to be initiated by SDIPN on divestment from all fossil fuels and nuclear power.

Minutes of the meeting will be posted to the SDIPN website after approval by the Steering Committee.


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