Resolution Progress Report

Our thanks to Council Member Costa Constantinides for becoming the fifteenth CM to sign on to NYC Council Resolution 0694 calling for the closure of the Indian Point nuclear power plant. CM Constantanides recently became the new Chair of the Committee on Environmental Protection, succeeding CM Donovan Richards who introduced Res 0694. Three of the five committee members have now signed on.

Here’s the list of the current sponsors in order of sign on:

  1. Donovan Richards, District 31, Queens
  2. Stephen Levin, District 33, Brooklyn
  3. Helen Rosenthal, District 6, Manhattan
  4. Corey Johnson, District 3, Manhattan
  5. Brad Lander, Didtrict 39, Brooklyn
  6. Rosie Mendez, District 2, Manhattan
  7. Deborah Rose, District 49, Staten Island
  8. Ben Kallos, District 5, Manhattan
  9. Mark Levine, District 7, Manhattan
  10. Mark Treyger, District 47, Brooklyn
  11. Daniel Dromm, District 25, Queens
  12. Karen Koslowitz, District 29, Queens
  13. Ritchie Torres, District 15, Bronx
  14. Andrew Cohen, District 11, Bronx
  15. Costa Constantinides, District 22, Queens

We still have a way to go before we have enough CMs signed on to bring the resolution up for a vote. Visit our Call to Action page to see how you can help in our effort.


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