Shut Down Indian Point Now! Public Meeting

Shut Down Indian Point Now! will hold a public meeting, Thursday, Feb. 5th at 7 PM at the Rutgers Church on 236 West 73rd Street (just west of Broadway). Take the 1,2,or 3 subways or the 5, 57, 104 buses to W 72nd St.

Featured speaker: Tim Judson, Executive Director of the Nuclear Information & Resource Service.

The 40 year old Indian Point nuclear power facility, located on the Hudson only 25 miles from NYC, has had constant and dangerous operating problems over the years. It is built near an earthquake fault. A report issued by a commission appointed by former Gov. Pataki concluded that there is no way to evacuate the metropolitan area in case of a meltdown. Gov. Cuomo has called for its closure. During the most recent super storm of Jan. 26-27, the Governor banned all civilian traffic in the metropolitan area including shutting down mass transit, tunnels asnd bridges.
In 2012,the NYS Assembly’s Committees on Energy and Corporations concluded that Indian Point can be closed without any interruption in our electrical supply. Gov Cuomo has called for the facilty’s closure but the nuclear power industry had lobbied Congress to prevent any state from closing down nuclear power plants–placing that authority with the pro-industry Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Our meeting’s agenda will include reactivating SDIPN and how can we get this ticking time bomb shut down before it’s too late!
Tom Siracuse
Chair, SDIPN!


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